SMPC Technologies designs and specializes in electronics and power electronics with high power conversion efficiency. We offer a wide range of customizable solutions allowing our clients to position themselves as leaders in the marketplace. Our professional team offers consulting services and custom designs using the latest technologies to create the right product for the needs of our clients.

Customized Design

Custom design of power conversion products

SMPC offers complete customized solutions covering the entire spectrum of power conversion products (AC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC, DC/DC).

Our previous custom designs have included power converters with high power efficiency, battery chargers with ultra-wide output and input ranges and bidirectional converters. We can adapt our converters to operate reliably in a variety of industries including the electric vehicle, industrial laser and renewable energy fields.

Professional Services

SMPC develops and produces power converters with high power conversion efficiency, high power density and low BOM cost. This allows our clients to remain competitive in the marketplace offering the latest designs and exceptional value.

Our services include complete design of DC/DC converters (unidirectional or bidirectional), AC/DC rectifier, AC/AC converters, and DC/AC inverters.

We provide design consultation in thermal and electromagnetic computer simulations on component and product levels.

  • Advanced Thermal and Electromagnetic computer simulation

    SMPC offers comprehensive thermal analysis and design services for power electronic products. The design process is based on analytical and computational methods using proprietary tools and CFD software.

    Similarly, SMPC employs proprietary tools and Electromagnetic simulation software to improve reliability and reduce thermal stress on power magnetic components.

  • PCB design

    SMPC provides schematic and circuit design services to our clients. We have completed the custom design and testing of hundreds of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for a variety of applications across many industries, including avionics, telecommunication, and automotive.


    Analog and mixed-signal design, High-speed digital design, Design for ultra-low power, Design of low-noise or high precision instrumentation, Design for low cost, high-volume production, Power electronics, Switch-mode power supply design, Wireless charging and wireless power transmission, Capacitive and inductive sensors, Near Field Communication (NFC), UL / CE / FCC etc.

  • Mechanical design

    Turnkey solutions using Solidworks development environment

Manufacturing Services

Access to large scale, reputable, fully certified, contract manufacturing facilities in China