SMPC Technologies designs and manufactures cutting-edge power conversion products. We specialize in custom applications using the latest technologies to develop products that meet our customer’s specific needs. We manufacture high quality products that perform exceptionally well providing a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

SMPC Mission

SMPC provides exceptional services and products to our clients. We have a proven track record of producing superior quality electronics and power electronics equipment.

We are proud to have pioneered the commercialization of the very efficient LLC technology used in power conversion products. We offer consulting services, create customizable solutions, and manufacture the perfect products for our clients. We strive to develop new concepts and products that allow our clients to build a strong position in many industries at an affordable and competitive price point.

Our areas of expertise in power electronics design include: advanced computer simulation, optimization of electronic circuits and magnetics, thermal management using advanced CFD codes, PCB design, EMI compliance, safety compliance, large scale and low cost manufacturing, analog and digital control circuitry design and programming.

Careers at SMPC

Compensation and Benefits

SMPC provides:
  • Competitive salaries
  • Comprehensive health benefits and generous vacation allowances

Job postings

No current job openings.  Please check back occasionally for new listings.

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