SMPC Technologies Company Overview

Our extensive knowledge of power electronics design includes: advanced computer simulation, optimization of electronic circuits and magnetics, thermal management using advanced CFD codes, compliance with strictest EMI and safety standards, design for large scale and low cost manufacturing, design of analog and digital control systems.

SMPC Products


Automotive Chargers

Charging solutions for electric vehicles, cars, motorcycles, forklifts, boats, snowmobiles, Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations.


Power Modules

Power solutions that provide scalable and redundant power systems, and standalone power modules.


Devices and tools supporting SMPC product lines.

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SMPC Services

  • SMPC designs power converters with very high power conversion efficiency, very high power density and low BOM cost that enables our clients to successfully address market opportunities.
  • Our services include complete design of DC/DC converters (unidirectional or bidirectional), AC/DC rectifier, AC/AC converters, and DC/AC inverters.
  • We also provide design consultancy in thermal and electromagnetic computer simulations on component and product levels.